Sentimiento by INGAR

INGAR has created a brand new line called "Sentimiento", this line has powerful colliers consisting of carefully selected beads incorporated with real silver! Creative force behind INGAR, Ingrid Garcia, was greatly inspired by music, Mandala drawings she made herself, her ability to appreciate beauty, nature and emotional films. 

Sentimiento is a Spanish word meaning a feeling, an emotion, a sense and experience. All these strong notions were incorporated in the sensational colliers of Sentimiento. This is why we encourage you to enjoy your own Sentimiento through the colors, materials and beauty of INGAR's latest jewelry line.

Please look at the portfolio for the complete Sentimiento line!

p.s.: September is 10% off-month at INGAR if you're from the Netherlands!!! The rest of Europe and the USA will obtain free shipping if your order is €100 or more. For questions about pricing or information on the conditions, feel free to contact us!

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